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4 Wheel Prams

Baby prams come in many shapes and sizes, the most noticeable being 4 and 3 wheeled versions. 4 wheeled versions generally have flexible seating options, to be either parent facing and world facing. The seats are generally well structured and can all layback. A 3 wheel version will generally have 3 larger wheels so ideal for all terrain and / or jogging, their seat units are generally only world facing, but can lay fully flat to enable your baby to have a better sleep.


The better brands will generally include a carry cot/bassinet as part of the package or it can be added as an optional extra if desired and most can be matched with a baby capsule/infant carrier. Maxi Cosi and Joie capsule brands will fit most prams. Our suggestion is buy the pram first then get the capsule to fit.


A popular misconception is 3 wheel versions are more likely to tip. This is NOT the case as they are well balanced so they are NOT more likely to tip than a 4 wheel version.


The pram is a life-style choice, so think about where you will be using it to help decide what will suit you. This ensures you can get the most out of your pram from newborn up to 3 or 4 years of age. Focusing on flexibility and functionality with easy to fold, large storage baskets, future proofing with many 4-wheel pram now have the bonus of adding a second seat to create a double pram as your family grows.


Here at Glenhuntly Baby Carriages we will focus on what is important to you and which pram will suit your family. All while ensuring safety and comfort. Also setting you up with accessories to ensure you can enjoy your pram no matter the weather.

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