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There are many key factors you need to consider when purchasing a stroller for your little one. Firstly if you need it to lie fully flat or happy with a 6 month lay back option, the stroller weight and the folded size are important especially if you plan on travelling on an airplane. Weight capacity and comfort also play a large part when choosing a stroller as you want it to be comfortable for your little one and comfortable and easy to maneuver. Does it suit your needs functionally such as large storage basket? Most strollers are easy to fold once you are shown, but it is important to buy at a retail store to ensure you try it and you are able to fold it easily. Price is always a factor, but more expensive strollers are usually better made and lighter. Cheaper ones may not be as durable, heavier as cheaper metals is used and less padded, and the wheels may not last as long.


Here at Glenhuntly baby carriages we have a great range of strollers at multiple price points, eg Babyzen Yoyo, Mountain Buggy, GB Qbit, Maclaren, Joie Nitro amongst others to suit newborns and older children. We are here to help you choose to ensure you make the safest, most comfortable and practical choice for your family and your needs.

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