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COMPARE Silvercross Wave and Icandy Peach Limted Edition Moonlight at Baby Carriages


Compare this pair of great newly released prams across the iCandy and Silvercross range.

The Silvercross Wave is Silvercross's answer to the inline double many of its competitors have. Beautifully finished in 3 great colours. The Wave comes with everything you need for a new baby or a baby and toddler. It comes with a carry cot/bassinet and infant seat, along with the adaptors for when you have your second child to turn it into an inline double. It also includes capsule adaptors, rain covers etc and it has 15 different positions.

iCandy have just released (and available in store) the limited edition Peach 2016 in Moonlight. Similar to the Peach 2016 range, but with improved wheels and a great new colour range, Grey with Blue piping on a space grey frame. Only minimal numbers available so you might be the only one in your area that has it. Carry cots and capsule adaptors are separately available.

If you are not sure what is the right pram for you come into Glenhuntly Baby carriages for a detailed demonstration to compare them side by side. The price point is similar when you add all the accessories/attachments, but you will love at least one of them if not both.


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