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Quality Baby Nursery Furniture gives your new baby a great start in life.


High quality nursery furniture keeps your baby safe and happy and the best start in life. Your options are to start with a Bassinet, co-sleeper or put your baby straight into a cot.

Bassinets and Co-sleepers are great if you want your baby to sleep in your room or the flexibility to move your baby between rooms, but keeping them in the same sleeping environment. The same sleeping environment should help a baby to sleep well as babies generally like consistency. Co-sleepers enable the baby to be safe but right next to your bed. This is great in the winter months avoiding the need to leave bed too settle or feed your child.

An alternative is to put your baby direct into a cot. This saves the cost of a bassinet, but it is not as flexible to move the baby around. If you are thinking of using a cot, maybe investigate the @Cocoonababy, This is great for babies in the first 3 months, mimicking the womb when they are sleeping. Glen Huntly Baby Carriages have the cocoonababy on display so come in for a demo. 

Whichever way you decides come in to Bab carriages at 1174 Glen Huntly Rd to see our extensive range of cots and bassinets. Great sales on all stock and even better deals on floor stock.

If you are getting a second hand Cot or Bassinet, please ensure you do not use a second hand mattress. Instead buy a new mattress. It is a small price to pay for your babies safety and comfort. For the correct size mattress the cot should have the size on the base.

quality sleep products for your baby give you both a better chance of a good nights sleep


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