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Summer / light weight swaddles, sleeping bags & sleep suit sale

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It has heated up again in Melbourne and so have the savings

Swaddles, sleeping bags and newly introduced sleep suits are the best way to help a baby or child sleep in all weather conditions. Multiple experts recommend using these to help a child sleep safely rather than blankets and sheets. 

They come in multiple levels of warmth for added comfort and safe sleeping. 

A quick guide is 0.2/0.5 Tog for summer, 1 Tog for all year round, 2.5 tog for winter and 3.5 tog for the very cold climates, mountains, snow etc. Note that "Tog" is an average rating, used across the industry. so use it as a guide not a specific measure.

Come in store and we can help you through the options to assist you in your choice of warmth level, brand and style. We have a large range and are not brand focused, instead we are customer focused.

For all Summer level sleep bags, sleep suits and swaddles we have the following deals while stocks last.

10% off single purchases of summer weight - 0.2 or 0.5 Tog 

25% off the second item when you by 2


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